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Our Story:  december 2003

A wise man once said, “Fresh is the fortune that fools cannot find.”  Nobody really knew what that proposed, but VaChong and Bobbiesee Ku took it to heart. You see, food is their passion and service is in their nature. With over 20 combined years of food service experience, they wanted to start a business where they could attain their fullest potential.

Va and Bobbiesee have grown up watching their parents perform and master the art of Asian cooking.  Managing the family business allowed them to perfect the cooking styles of the Orient. They also keep up to date with the trends and changing lifestyles of people (ask us about our “Low Carb” entrées). Their degree in Food Science (from M.S.U.) coupled with their experience in the food industry helped firmly establish what is called The Fusion Restaurant in Frankfort, Michigan.

We love food – GOOD FOOD! And we believe that if you treat your food right, it will treat you even better. However, our desires are meaningless if we cannot share them. You, our customer and friend, are the reason why we are here. Let us serve you a dinner that has been prepared especially for you. Allow us to make the environment in which you dine feel like a five star restaurant. Utilize our knowledgeable staff so that you get the full experience of dining at The Fusion.

Here at The Fusion Restaurant, we build on four main principles (we call them “The 4 F’s To Success”):

  •   FRESH preparation of all our foods
  •   FLAVORFUL & original cooking of our foods
  •   FRIENDLY & knowledgeable staff, ready to serve
  •   FUN dining environment & experience for our customers

Let us put the FRESH, FLAVORFUL, & FUN part of eating back into your life. 

We love having you here,
VaChong & Bobbiesee Ku


our story:  january 2009

“Eat well, so you can think well, love well, & sleep well,” he said. I remember my father whisper those words to me as my mom made sure she was completing her matronly duties by having me finish my dinner plate. Those words echoed in my ears along with the drips of rain coming through The Fusion sun roof. Five years ago, he told me that I would be impacting a little town by feeding them well with everything he taught me. My husband and I were naive and gullible about the journey ahead of us. We believed in ourselves because our family kept pushing their light along our path so that we thought we were going in the right direction. And we did not realize that we would be impacted by the many friends and family we would make in this tiny city called Frankfort.

The only real renovation we could afford when we purchased The Fusion was the roof. Of course, we took the cheapest bid and got the least quality job done on it. Every time it rained, we cried. My father willingly built a mezzanine at the front of the restaurant so our guests could look out the window. My mom and mom-in-law quietly painted the walls the colors that we chose, even though it was not to their liking. My father-inlaw built storage in the kitchen for us to stay organized. It was a family effort. And the day we opened our doors to you, you all opened your arms to embrace us. Thank you!

We’ve been through a lot. And it’s been the best five years of our lives. I remember the day the girl’s basketball team won state championship…twice! We were all together when Frankfort lost a lot of special people in such a short time. You helped us open our second restaurant in Lowell this winter. We witnessed MSU finally winning a title (go Spartans!), even though it was in Hockey. Sorry, Coach Izzo. You introduced my grandfather to a new love. Every year, in season, I would buy white peaches for him from Mr. Walton’s Organic Farm down the road. He has since passed away. My father-in-law has also passed away since our opening. Once again, you were all there to support us during those hard times.

I’m sitting at my desk, writing this, and the clicking keyboard is the only sound I hear. It’s raining, it’s my last day at 411 Main Street as “The Fusion”, and there are no more drips. I finally could afford to have a real company come out and fix those leaks. It took five years and I am kind of sad I fixed the roof because those drips pushed me to do more and to work harder.

So - join us in celebration of the last five years. We look forward with eager hearts toward the next 40…okay, maybe 35 years.

We will always love having you here,
Uncle Va and Bobbiesee Ku